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Cyclone Gita - February 12, 2018

Cyclone Gita visited the Kingdom of Tonga on the 12th of February 2018. The Cyclone had torn down the Fua'amotu Domestic Airport and caused damages to the International Airport. Due to the severe damages of the Fua'amotu Domestic Airport, Domestic Flights are now operating from the Fua'amotu International Airport until further notice.

All Flight Schedules will not be available from our website and Facebook Page at this time.  Please contact all Operational Airlines for the Flight Schedules. We apologise for the inconvenience.

(Image below: Damages Inside the Domestic Terminal - Tongatapu)

PRESS RELEASE - November 2017

Tonga Airports Ltd declares its Annual Dividend for the financial period 2016/2017 for the amount of $2 million pa’anga to its shareholder the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga. For more information click on this link Press Release November 2017

Pacific Aviation Program- Resurface Runways & Markings Tonga & Tuvalu Roads. Click on the page Pacific Aviation Investment Program to find out more.

PRESS RELEASE - January 2017

Tonga Airports Limited wishes to correct recent statements that a fee is paid to the local airport authority on every domestic air ticket sold. For more information click on this link: Press Release June 2017

PRESS RELEASE - January 2015

Tonga Airports Limited declares it's Annual Dividend 2014/2015 for the amount of $1.3 million pa'anga payable to it's Shareholders the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga. For more information click on this link: TAL PressRelease 14012016


Tonga Airports Limited is pleased to announce that it is currently implementing the Tonga Aviation Investment Project (TAIP) as part of the regional Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP)

For more information click on this link: Press Release July 12


Proposed revision to the car park charges at Fua'amotu International Airport.

Click here for more information: Car Park