Tender & Vacancy


Samoa Aviation Investment Project (SAIP) Tender Development & Construction Supervision Services, Faleolo International Airport, Samoa Consulting Services - FIRM SELECTION   Kiribati Aviation Investment Project (KAIP), Administration Assistant MICTTD/ICS/K-D17.1 TFSU now issues procurement for the above named consulting services. Please click on the links below for more details.   Consulting Services for Procurement Specialist - Periodic TAL/TFSU/D44.4 TFSU is currently procuring services of a Procurement Specialist to work as part of the TFSU procurement team in undertaking procurement activities for all countries for PAIP and PASO goods, works and services. For more details, please refer to the link below.   Design and Supervision Services: TBU Terminal Building Improvements, Fua'amotu International Airport, Tonga. TAL/FBS/A-A14.1A Amendments and Clarifications Bid Opening  
Construction Supervision Services: New Airport Terminal Buildings and Airport Fire Station for Kiribati and Supervision of Maintenance Repairs and Resurfacing of the CXI-LON Road, Kiritimati. MCTTD/FBS/K-A14.1A  End - 9th November 2016 (extended from 2nd November) Amendments and Clarifications  


Reference No. SAA/ICBG/S-A05/7/13 Supply of Air Traffic Equipment, Improved Power Supply, and Airfield Lighting and Cabling.  
Reference No. A06.5 Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) for Vanuatu Airports  
Reference No MCT/SHPG/T-A29 Supply of LED Street Lighting Amendments and Clarifications for T-A29  
Reference No MCT/SHPW/T-A26 Design and Build of New Flight Service Tower and Fire Tender Shelter at Funafuti International Airport, Tuvalu Amendment and Clarifications for T-A26 Pre-bid Meeting  
Reference No. MIPU/ICBW/V-A15.5: Procurement of Physical Works for Construction and Rehabilitation of Airport Runways, Aprons and Related Infrastructure for Vanuatu Airports  Pre-Bid Meeting and Site Visit for V-A15.5 (Port Vila, Vanuatu) Amendments and Clarifications Bid Opening Minutes - 19th December 2016  

Reference No. MCTTD/ICBW/K-A17: Procurement of Physical Works For New Airport Terminal Buildings and Airport Fire Station for Kiribati

Addendum and Clarifications for K-A17.3
  1. Clarification No.1 - 6th October 2016 
  2. Amendment No.1 - 28th September 2016
  3. Clarification No.2 - 11th October 2016
  4. Amendment No.2 and Clarification No.3 - 12th October 20116
  5. Amendment No.3 and Clarification No.4 - 25th October 2016
  6. Clarification No.5 - 2nd November 2016
  7. Amendment No.4 and Clarification No.6 - 16th November 2016
Pre-Bid Meeting for K-A17.3 (Nadi, Fiji)
  1. Pre-Bid Presentation
  2. K-A17.3 Pre-Bid Minutes
Bid Opening - PAIP Office, TAL Building, Tonga
  1. Minutes of Bid Opening - 23rd November 2016