Malo e Lelei. On this web site you will find current flight schedules and important information, travellers pack and travellers guide to visiting Tonga. Tonga Airports Limited is a wholly owned public enterprise of the Government of Tonga and operates 6 airports throughout the Kingdom. We aim to provide a safe and efficient airport environment that is both welcoming to travelers and commercially successful for our airline and business partners.

Latest News

Date: 11 October 2017

Tonga is in cheers of celebration supporting the Rugby League Mate Ma'a Tonga Team. Arrival of 8 of the team players was today at 12pm. The rest of the team will be coming in the next flight tomorrow morning. We, Tonga Airport Ltd proudly express our support to the team and wishing them all the best with the upcoming games. Go MATE MA'A TONGA

Tonga Airport Staff Proudly supporting our Mate Ma'a Tonga Team

Date: 23 September 2017

Tonga Airports Ltd attended the World Routes 2017  held in Barcelona, Spain 23rd-26th of September.  World Routes is a conference for World wide Airports that is held yearly at different hosting countries. Tonga Airports joined this conference to meet and greet, market, make known of the Kingdom and to grab a chance for more incoming routes for the Kingdom of Tonga. This will help boost our Tourism intake and open more doors to wider Routes through our Kingdom. The best is yet to come.

Left to Right: Amy Paea, (Director Tomifa Paea's Spouse), Helen Toli (TAL Director), Anne Edwards ( TAL Chairman's Spouse), Steve Edwards (TAL Chairman), Viliami Takau (TAL Director) and Tomifa Paea (TAL Director).

Date: 14 September 2017

New Zealand High Commissioner, Sarah Walsh, handed over new x-ray and radio communications equipment to Tonga Airports Limited staff at Fua’amotu airport today. The x-ray equipment was jointly funded by New Zealand and Tonga.

New Zealand is providing NZ$11.5 million in new funding for aviation security equipment and training in the Pacific over the next five years. This builds on New Zealand’s existing NZ$2.5 million programme to help Pacific island countries meet their international aviation regulatory obligations. The support will be implemented by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, in cooperation with the Pacific Aviation Safety Office.

Tonga will receive around NZ$800,000 of the new funding. This funding will be used to provide another six x-ray machines for Fua’amotu and Vava’u international airports, as well as walk-through metal detectors and devices to detect traces of explosives. The funding will also cover servicing and maintenance for the new equipment.

Copyright New Zealand High Commission, Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Left to Right: Viliami Ma 'ake, (CEO Tonga Airports Limited), Inspector Sam Ve'ehala (Tonga Police) Steve Edwards (Chair of Tonga Airports Limited), Athol Glover (Principal Aviation Security Advisor (Pacific Islands) Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand) and New Zealand High Commissioner, Sarah Walsh.

Our Airports

Tonga Airports Limited operates 6 airports in the Kingdom

Fua'amotu International Airport
Lupepau'u International Airport - Vava'u
Salote Pilolevu Airport - Ha'apai
Kaufana Airport - 'Eua
Mata'aho Airport - Niuatoputapu
Lavinia Airport - Niuafo'ou


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